About us

Always One Plaza was founded in 1990 under the name “Phirom Plaza”. In 2012, the plaza had undergone renovation and was renamed to “Always One Plaza” thereafter.  Always One has been operating for more than 20 years, providing assortment of products: toys, models, cards, musical instruments and cameras for customers throughout Thailand. Inside the plaza, there are more than 100 unit physical stores for customer to enjoy. Some are distributors of many popular toy brands such as Bandai Namco.
The Plaza is situated in the centre of Bangkok, the area which is famous for toy sales. Occasionally, the plaza would welcome a massive number of customers a day. We are customer-oriented and are dedicating to serve warmth hospitality for all customers. At Always One, we are onward-looking and are always active for new ideas or challenges. We strive to offer products at the best quality and to create the best experience for customers through our service and warmth atmosphere.
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