Shonen Jump's Nisekoi Character Poll

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Shonen Jump's Nisekoi Character Poll

In 2014, Weekly Shonen Jump held a character poll asking readers who their favorite character was. 24,000 fans participated, choosing demure classmate Kosaki Onodera as the #1 choice followed by the secretly unrefined Marika Tachibana as #2 and Raku's "fiance" Chitoge Kirisaki as #3.

This year things got shook up. This year's 17th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump will publish the results of the latest character poll on Monday, with Chitoge rocketing to #1 with 4,443 votes. Onodera was close behind her in second place with 4,337 votes. The top three was rounded out by tomboyish Seishirō Tsugumi with 2,048 votes.

Perhaps the most concerning change up is that protagonist Raku Ichijō got less votes than a character that doesn't even appear in Nisekoi.

The full results are:

Chitoge Kirisaki - 4,443 votes
Kosaki Onodera - 4,337 votes
Seishirō Tsugumi - 2,048 votes
Marika Tachibana - 1,632 votes
Haru Onodera - 1,041 votes
Ruri Miyamoto - 792 votes
Yui Kanakura - 216 votes
Chika Tachibana - 186 votes
Fū-chan - 165 votes
Elraine (from creator Naoshi Komi's other manga Double Arts) - 159 votes
Raku Ichijō - 156 votes

credit: animenewsnetwork

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