Battle of the Century: Godzilla V.S. Evangelion Movie Announced!

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Battle of the Century: Godzilla V.S. Evangelion Movie Announced!

Anno Hideaki, director of the new Godzilla movie coming to screens in Japan on July 29th has announced leading up to the hype that Toho Studios is also making a "Godzilla V.S. Evangelion" movie, pitting Anno's best known work "Evangelion" against the legendary monster.
While little details have been reveiled about this upcoming "Godzilla V.S. Evangelion" movie, we had a peak at the image boards during the press conference. Upon the backdrop of a ruined city are the familiar silhouettes of the monster and the robot. A fierce battle is brewing!

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The official sites of New Godzilla and Evangelion both carried the new movie visual along with the catchcopy "The Savage God V.S. Giant Bio-Machine Mecha" on April 1st. Furthermore, the presale tickets for the movie "New Godzilla" to be released on April 23rd will come with a clear file that has the visuals of the "Godzilla V.S. Evangelion" seen above. Only 55,555 copies of this file will be distributed worldwide. On top of that, special collaboration goods including "Tenugui" hand towels, T-shirts, iron-on patches, key holders and more for fans of both series!
What makes it even more exciting is that some of the best createors in Japan will be working on this movie. It was revealed that the movie visual was specially illustrated by famous anime director Maeda Mahiro, who also worked on "Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo" among other titles. Who will be next in building up hype for this much anticipated movie?
The upcoming "New Godzilla" is the first Godzilla movie in 12 years and is staffed by many who were involved in the production of the Evangelion series, as well as big names in the industry such as screenwriter and director Anno Hideaki, as well as special effects director Higushi Shinji. In the lead role is actor Hasegawa Hiroki, who also starred in the Attack on Titan series.



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