Key Visual and Title Announced for 2016 Death Note Movie

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Key Visual and Title Announced for 2016 Death Note Movie

It was announced that the title for the Death Note 2016 movie to be released on October 29 will be Death Note Light up the NEW world. Along with the announcement came the first key visual for the movie featuring the characters in a cool monochromic set.

The three characters unveiled on the new Death Note Light up the NEW world poster are Mishima Tsukuru, an investigator well-versed on the Kira Incident, detective Ryuzaki who inherited L's extreme intellect, and cyber terrorist Shien Yuuki, who idolizes the ways of Kira. The poster also shows the shinigami Ryuk.

The movie is set 10 years after the end of the original. Ryuk painted in 'The Matrix' style symbolizes the evolution of the Death Note into contemporary society. The movie stars Higashide Masahiro as Mishima, Ikematsu Sosuke as Ryuzaki and Suda Masaki as Shien. Toda Erika returns as Amane Misa while Nakamura Shido will also reprise his role as Ryuk. The film will be directed by Sato Shinsuke, who also directed other live action adaptations of manga including the GANTZ series.

10 years after the intense battle between Death Note inspired criminal Light Yagami and the genius L ended, the shinigami once appeared in the world with the Death Note turning order into chaos. Veteran officers with Mishima at the helm gathered to fight against the Death Note while Ryuzaki, the succesor to L, revealed that there are 6 Death Notes in the world. Furthermore, a computer virus urges the owners of the Death Notes to take on one another...


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